At OnlyEco we design high quality, eco-friendly cards, wrapping paper & other sustainable products. All produced in the UK.

Stationery Awards Winner 2020

Only-Eco are delighted to be declared WINNERS in the Stationery Awards 2020!


NEW! Sustainable Gift Wrapping Pack

 Printed with water based inks | Made in the UK | 100% recyclable

Everything you need for 100% eco friendly gift wrapping.

These packs include sustainable & recyclable wrapping paper, recyclable self adhesive tape which matches the paper, natural plant-based Raffia and recyclable card labels on strings. All your gifts can now be beautifully wrapped 100% sustainably.

“Hi, I though I’d send you a photo of my wrapped presents. They look lovely. The wrapping paper is beautiful. Thank you.” Laura from London

recyclable wrapping paper

At OnlyEco we produce authentic, 100% sustainable, high quality paper & cards in the UK.

Below you can see our new gift wrapping packs.

The paper was printed in Scotland. We courier your order from our base in Devon. They arrive with you in recyclable packaging (no cellophane or plastic wrapping). Even our parcel tape is made of paper ūüôā

We’re looking forward to sending out your first order!

Recycled Greetings Cards

 Printed with water based inks | Made in the UK | 100% recyclable

You will often be expected to pay a premium price for Eco friendly and recycled products. Greetings Cards are a good example of this. Most of the Cards you see in shops are printed in China and shipped over by the million. Cards printed overseas are a fraction of the cost of cards printed in the UK.

At OnlyEco we decided to see if we could produce authentic, 100% recyclable, high quality cards in the UK and match the price of the imported cards. It turns out that it can be done – if we print enough cards and take a much lower margin, then we can match the imported cards on price.

Below you can see our first range of eight unique designs. If they prove popular then we will design some more.

These cards are printed in Oxfordshire. We post them out from Devon. They arrive with you in a recyclable paper envelope and will be packed ‘naked’ (no cellophane or plastic wrapping). Even our parcel tape is made of paper ūüôā

We really hope you like them!

Recyclable Kraft Wrapping Paper

 Printed with water based inks | Made in the UK | 100% recyclable

Most wrapping paper is terrible for the environment. It is mostly imported from China and is often covered in foil, glitter and other non-recyclable coatings. Every Christmas we bin 108 million rolls of wrapping paper – most of which will go straight to landfill because it is not recyclable. And that’s just at Christmas. It’s not even that good for wrapping. How often have you had the paper rip when you’re trying to wrap a gift?

A lot of eco-minded people in the UK have started using plain brown paper for their wrapping. That’s great and has definitely started to reduce waste, but it is a little bit plain and doesn’t really reflect the effort you have taken choosing your gift. So, we decided to take it a step further.

We sourced high quality, FSC certified Kraft paper. We found printers in the UK who can print on this paper with water or vegetable based inks. We then created some classic and unique designs and had them printed.

The result is a beautiful, premium quality wrapping paper that is 100% recyclable and will not rip when you use it.

But what about the plastic tape? Well, we’ve got that covered too. Just scroll down the page to find our recyclable paper ‘sellotape’ and paper ‘parcel tape’.

Our Gift Wrap is printed in Scotland and The South West. It will be wrapped in recyclable paper and, just like our Cards, will be ‘naked’ (no cellophane or plastic wrapping). We use our own paper parcel tape to wrap it.

You can see, and order, our wrapping paper below. If these patterns prove popular then we have several more designs in the pipeline.

Thank you.

100% Recyclable Gift Wrapping!

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