100% Recyclable Greetings Cards & Gift Wrap


Guaranteed 100% recyclable. So your customers can be sure the environmental impact is minimal

UK produced, so they know these products have been ethically manufactured with low road miles

Attractive, modern designs which they will feel confident sending to friends and family

Authentic products which are superior in performance to cheap imports


Great profit margins typically 150 to 300%

Authentic, sustainable products send a clear message to your customers that you care about the environment

Made from high quality, durable materials which mean less wastage/low returns

Sale or return available on first order, so no risk to trial in your retail outlet

Stationery Awards Winner 2020


Recycled Greetings Cards

 Printed with water based inks | Made in the UK | 100% recyclable

Our cards are printed in Oxfordshire. We post them out from Devon. They arrive with you in a recyclable packaging and will be sent ‘naked’ (no cellophane or plastic wrapping). Even our parcel tape is made of paper 🙂

MOQ 50 cards per design

Recyclable Kraft Wrapping Paper

 Printed with water based inks | Made in the UK | 100% recyclable

Our Gift Wrap is printed entirely in the UK. It will be packed in recyclable paper and, just like our Cards, will be ‘naked’ (no cellophane or plastic wrapping). We use our own paper parcel tape to wrap it.

More designs will be available throughout the year.

MOQ 100 sheets per design

Recyclable Wrapping Extras

 Printed with water based inks | Made in the UK | 100% recyclable

A range of recyclable accessories to help your customers wrap your gifts sustainably. This range will increase as we discover and test new materials.

100% Recyclable Gift Wrapping!

Your one stop shop for 100% recyclable cards, wrapping paper and sustainable accessories