Recycled Greetings Cards ‘Koala’ (Pack of 4 Cards & Envelopes)


NEW ‘Koala’ Eco Greetings Card Pack of 4

  • 4 cards and envelopes
  • Size: 150 x 150mm square.
  • Blank inside.
  • Supplied with matching envelope.
  • 100% recycled and recyclable card and envelope.

Unique and contemporary greetings cards designed and produced in the UK and printed with water based inks. Other designs available.

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These Recycled Greetings Cards are 100% sustainable and has been designed to capture the characteristics of this very special animal.

Koala’s are one of Australia’s most iconic animals. Their numbers were badly hit during the bush fires in 2019/20 when many Koala’s where just not able to escape the advancing flames. The population also suffers from domestic dog attacks and road fatalities.