Only Words Game


It’s like ‘Scrabble’ but: 

  • No Board – play anywhere 
  • No ‘Turns’ – all play at once
  • No Scoring – first to finish wins!
  • Small bag, easy to carry
  • 1-6 players
  • Ages 5 and up
  • 100% recyclable and natural materials
  • Made in the UK


How to Play Only Words:

Full playing instructions are in the bag.

  • Start with all the tiles face down in the middle
  • Take 18 tiles each
  • Turn over your tiles and start making a crossword of inter-linked words
  • You can rearrange your layout at anytime
  • When you’ve used up all your spare tiles say “WORD” and everyone must take a tile from the middle
  • If you’ve arranged all your tiles and there are none left in the middle then say “WORD UP” and you’ve won!
  • Don’t forget to check for mishspelt words!


Two special tiles:

‘Wild’ Tile: Can be any letter you choose!


‘Wicked’ Tile: Lets you remove any tile from each of the other players’ games and put back in the centre face down. The ‘Wicked’ tile must then go safely back in the bag until the next game!

Please note that each game is an individual, handmade product made from natural materials so there may be cosmetic imperfections.